Art is the essential quality of Human Beings that differentiates us from other species. Nature is splendid in itself , but it is we Humans, when we are at our best -- "in the world" -- it is then that we know how to appreciate beauty and aesthetic.

Art stems from that wonderful quality of children: imagination. Further, it is that magical quality that comes from our dreams, and it is the force of those qualities that vibrate, yearn to be touched in ways that evoke feelings, desires, longings, curiosity and passions in each of us.

Whether we make art or merely enjoy it; whether we listen to it or see it, whether something attracts us or repels us in a moment, I consider it is a wonderful gift to humanity.

I want to explore with you, not just Art itself, but how Art is so inextricably tied to Science, Technology, Humor, and to our Nature. (and Food -- I'm hungry).

I hope you will enjoy this section and that in fact, it will provoke you. I believe there is an artist present in each of us. Whether the art is music or Mathematics, Photography or Plumbing, Writing or walking, art is there.

It is the expression of that cosmic quality that is special and different in each of us -- our soul.