I believe we should send a man to the moon. Oh wait, wrong section.

I do believe however, that everyone has music in them, waiting to get out.

When you have someone special who sits and plays piano or Guitar well, then you have a party.

Believe it or not, I'm rather shy, but on the rate occasions that I've been asked to perform (guitar) recently, I find myself being outside of myself and some inner part jumping out.

The simplest instrument to play is your voice. Try it when you are at home by yourself or in the shower. It's so great for your heart.

The next simplest instrument is the "Poor Man's harmonica". This is a hair comb covered in toilet paper - wax paper might work too. But not Charmin. You need that TP that doesn't work in it's native state.

Getting more sophisticated, find an instrument you like and learn it. It's not easy, but is there anything in life that is?

I taught myself guitar as a kid, after lessons on Violin (or was it a cat?) and Clarinet - that I actually liked, but wasn't cool enough at the time.

In recent years, I've attended some guitar workshops and my playing improved exponentially.

In one of these, I met John Cephas, who passed away recently. John have me private lessons for a year or more, in exchange for teaching him how to listen to world music through the internet. That would have been more successful if John had had an internet connection.

He is a video of John teaching and performing at the American Folk Life Festival on the National Mall in 2007.
Please click on the images below to play and again, please be patient waiting for the video to load.

John Cephas - American Folk Life Festival - 2007


John teaching Special Rider Blues


John spent his early years as a Carpenter for the government, and hated it. After he started performing. He travelled the world for the State Department, and was the quintessential ambassador, representing everything good about this country. He''s yet another lesson in how -- if you build your strength of character -- that all good things can happen.