The Genesis Spacecraft

In the beginning... Once upon a time... It was a dark and stormy night.... Oh let's just get started. Eclectic Planet is an educational and information tool, which means it’s for parents as well as kids. The site tells a story about life on Earth and what we are discovering on other worlds. While a lot of its information is available through the links provided, we will gather these bullrushes of knowledge and weave them into a heck of a story. We will explore the idea that the links between "What Happens Here" and "What Happens Everywhere Else" makes some sense. That there are links between Plato and Pluto, between technology and the Ancient Greeks; between Art (at least that, which I can appreciate) and Science (ditto).

It's also full of fun, facts, fantasies and frolics.

It gets deep, If there is something you don't understand, try to look it up, or email me through my Contact Form.

I do not represent any commercial, religious, or organizational entity. I do perform volunteer work for various individuals (friends), for NASA, and for a major Technology company. I do not get paid for these activities; they are merely "Labors of Love". This site is my own idea, and is independent of any religious, racial, ethnic, or agist bias. My only interests lay in Education, Understanding, and Compassion, and my only agendas are to fight ignorance and intolerance. So, I can really be irreverent, A list of what I can do privately is in the Services page. I love to lecture at schools, judge science fair, speak at Career Days. I can build you a web site -- I can teach you how to build your own.

Some Book
Here's something I learned recently: Do you know the word Genesis? Of course you do. It's written by ??? in the world's largest selling book - Harry Potter. Oops, I meant "The Bible". It's the first chapter in fact. In it, there is the story of division -- day and night, land and sea, birth and death, Good and Evil, knowledge was devalued and condemned (exit right -- Garden of Eden), and ignorance instilled.

Titian -
Boy, did we buy a shovel full. Do you know what the word really means? "Genesis" -- We use it when we have the beginning of an idea, the start of something. That's closer. It is a greek word - γένεσης. It means "Union": Togetherness, caring, uniting, bonding. it's not about division, it's about love and multiplication. Star Trek got it right. The Vulcan (Mr. Spock) message of welcome and deptarture - "Live Long and Prosper".

So here it begins. Don't take anything literally. Question authority. Even mine. The path to knowledge (and success) goes not by dogma, but through Curiosity and Stamina. Don't trust anyone who says: "This is a fact". if you listen to your inner self, you may find: some questioning, some doubt, something uncomfortable. So go find out more. Look it up from a variety of sources, and then, develop your own ideas. And question them as well.

Set your own goals for your life, and achieve them. Then, try to help others, be they less or more fortunate than you.

Bumper Stickers
One of my favorite bumper stickers / T-Shirts is "My karma ran over my dogma". Many of us in the western world have filtered philosophical thought down to two medium (not including "so-called" reality TV). We express our inner most beliefs on our T-Shirts and on the back of our cars. Re-read "dumbing-down".