It has become common (especially amongst that special group of humans -- geeks -- who are incomprehensible to the rest of society), to put signatures on email and blog postings. Some of these are very funny.

Here is a sampling:

Wait here, I'll be right back: Godot

Engineering 101: If it shouldn't move, you need duct tape. If it should move, you need WD-40

I don't believe in time. It's a grand conspiracy designed to sell watches.

It would really be awful if a massive gamma ray burst from that supernova screwed up the rest of this pou3u7IU89&&bu*8389*(&Y(*(¥¥90øioiuuy

I like paying taxes. With them I buy civilization.

Those who claim they want to save the world invariably just want control over the people in it.

Having an advanced degree in a field doesn't make you an expert on topics you didn't study.

It's not the fall that kills you. It's the sudden stop at the end. -Douglas Adams

Fascism starts when the efficiency of the government becomes more important than the rights of the people.

3 degrees of separation from Vladimir Putin!

My grandmother used anecdotal evidence all the time, and she lived to be 120 years old.

This next song is very sad. Please clap along. -- Robin Zander

About half of us were also born with schlongs.

"Whatever happened to free culture on the internet?" "It wasn't profitable."

Where is that guy who'd die defending what I had to say when I need him?

Swearing and farting are both harmless fun, but never do either around someone you're trying to impress.

A pizza of radius z and thickness a has a volume of pi z z a

When it comes to procrastination, casting the first stone is definitely on my TO DO list.''

Tis women makes us love, Tis Love that makes us sad, Tis sadness makes us drink, And drinking makes us mad.

Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.........

Common F. Sense was murdered long ago by Corruption N. Greed.

The internet is the greatest source of biased information in the history of mankind.

Nostalgia's not what it used to be.

It's our corporate policy to obey all of the laws of thermodynamics. Violators of said laws will be terminated.

We all make miscalculations!

The key to understanding recursion is to begin by understanding recursion.

Bullshit is in the eye of the beholder.

A democracy will exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves gifts from the public treasury.

...Dear God, I would like to file a bug report...

"I use a Mac because I'm just better than you are."

"Capital punishment makes the state into a murderer. Imprisonment makes the state into a gay dungeon-master"

Demented But Determined.

Truth is chaos. Order is hypocrisy.

I took a Vow of Science.

If you think the whole world revolves around you, quit staring at the GPS display while driving.

-Who's there?
Under the Patriot Act, we don't have to tell you that.

Disclaimer: The opinions and actions of the US Gov't are in no way representative of those held by this author or its ci

Who can decide a priori? Nobody. -Sartre

Jesus saves. Buddha makes incremental backups.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me forty three times, shame on your strategy guide ($14.99+tax).

Do not meddle in the affairs of geeks for they are subtle and quick to anger

Another uber-geek Douglas Adams' quote: The simple truth is that interstellar distances will not fit into the human imagination.

I don't know if God exists, but it would be better for His reputation if He didn't.- Jules Renard

"If everything seems under control you are not going fast enough." Mario Andretti, racecar driver.

"Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity." -George Carlin

Artificial intelligence came a step closer this weekend when a computer came within five percent of passing the Turing Test [], which the computer passes if people cannot tell between the computer and a human.
The winning conversation was with competitor LOLBOT:
"Good morning." "STFU N00B" "Er, what?" "U R SO GAY LOLOLOLOL" "Do you talk like this to everyone?" "NO U" "Sod this, I'm off for a pint." "IT'S OVER 9000!!" ... "Fag."
The human tester said he couldn't believe a computer could be so mind-numbingly stupid.
LOLBOT has since been released into the wild to post random abuse, hentai manga and titty shots to 4chan, after having been banned from YouTube for commenting in a perspicacious and on-topic manner.
LOLBOT was also preemptively banned from editing Wikipedia. "We don't consider this sort of thing a suitable use of the encyclopedia," sniffed administrator WikiFiddler451, who said it had nothing to do with his having been one of the human test subjects picked as a computer.
"This is a marvellous achievement, and shows great progress toward goals I've worked for all my life," said Professor Kevin Warwick of the University of Reading, confirming his status as a system failing the Turing test.

Re (Internet Robots): If the reply back about Sarah Palin is "She's great and would be the best person to be our next president!" you are talking to a computer.

I never metaphor I didn't like.

"Nobody knows the age of the human race, but everybody agrees that it is old enough to know better." - Unknown

Legalize the constitution.

Oh look, its my tax dollars at work coming to arrest me.

Never approach a vast undertaking with a half-vast plan.

Athiesm is a religion like not collecting stamps is a hobby.

On a proposed Ca law that would ban black cars:
I was thinking that a compromise would be to allow separate but equal parking spaces....
Just like the government. Always trying to keep the black van down...