We are still here!
Hello and welcome to the most controversial area of this site. US. No - not the United States. Us, people. Where we live - EARTH. Who we are, what we do, where we come from, how we behave, what are the results. etc.

I guarantee I'm going to upset some of you, get some of you angry, hurt, scared, and some of you probably wont come to the site again. However, I hope you would go to the forum (see the main menu) to argue, discuss and maybe we can find some harmony.

I have this idea. What if we were the only sentient life in the universe? Would that not be a completely humbling experience? Would that not give us an awesome responsibility to be respectful of our planet, ourselves, our friends and neighbors? The corollary is also interesting. If we are not the only life, wouldn’t we still have the same responsibility?

We would ALL need to sit down and work out a way to "be excellent with each other". Something we are not.

We take each others' land, money, livelihoods. We do not adequately invest in any kind of control: population, disease, financial restraints, savings, etc.

We could spend in Health, Education and Science, what we are forced to spend on “defense”. The World’s armed services could be agents of the people - doing good works, wherever needed and becoming the primary source of long-duration space flights.

We look after number 1. And sometimes, number 1 looks after number 2 (
Rodney Dangerfield joke there).

I first want state my own opinion.

I love this planet,
I won the Nikon Picture of the Month for this photo - Rock Creek Park - Washington DC
even though I'm only here for a short time.

I have a vision of what we could do if we worked together.

How much we could accomplish?

How much we could solve?

How much we could discover?

How enriched everyone's lives would be - well - maybe not those who are already enriched - but those who live on the edge of life - month to month, mouth to mouth, those in poverty, those in pain.

There is a saying that goes "THERE, BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD, GO I".

I think that just as we have an awesome responsibility to our families, we have an awesome responsibility to the world.

If you want to see where we are in a number of factors on this planet, click on the clock:

Are you back? GREAT! Then please go through the next set of pages of my site as I build them, and I would VERY much welcome your input.

Before you go, I want to illustrate a very important point. Have a look at this picture:

Old Woman? Young Woman?

What do you see? An old woman? A young woman? The point is simple. If we hold positions on things, we will never ever learn how to understand someone else. If instead, we try to understand someone else’s position, we stand a chance of finding a mutual understanding. Regarding the picture? If you look at it a certain way, you will see an old woman. If you look at it another way, you will see a young woman. Understand the point? Both ways are right!