Before we dive too far in, here are some technical notes. You probably wont read them, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

1. This web site uses new Internet technology, so if you have a computer more than 5 years old (unless it’s a Mac, then 8 years old), well, this site will not be a great experience. If your computer can run
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2. Most pages are referenced from within the site, so when you click on a link, a new window opens.
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3. If you have a decent “broadband” Internet connection (by today’s standards - 2mb/s and higher) and you want a break from reading all my stuff, you’ll enjoy the audio recordings and videos, that are scattered around the various pages. If you have a low-speed connection, you will have difficulty downloading the videos, but you should be able to see images and possibly hear the recordings. You are welcome to listen or watch anything, but some may take some time to load, so be patient. Anyway , try one or two videos - maybe they’ll work for you. This icon icon means that the link is a video, and this one icon means it’s an audio recording. Links without icons mean that you are selecting either an image or another webpage within the site. Those you can usually reach even with a relatively slow Internet connection. Try things and see what happens. Let me know of problems in the contact form. (See menu items).

4. You will need both
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6. Sometimes, I’m prone to repeating myself, but if I do, just read it twice, just read it twice.

7. If you have any trouble with anything in the site,
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